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At St. Andrew's we follow a programme of Values Education.

We have 12 values that we try to use in our everyday lives and particularly in our work. We believe teaching children the idea of values is a crucial part of their education and development. The different value is worked on in class and through assemblies each half-term over a two year rolling programme, but we also talk regularly about all the values as a whole and how they can be used all the time, not just when they are part of a lesson.

Our 12 values are:


Honesty is telling the truth.

Honesty is trust.

Honesty is being true to yourself and others.


Joy is the expression of inner happiness and contentment.
Joyous people look for the good in every situation.
Choose to be positive and content and you will be a source of joy to others.


Peace is when we get along.

Peace is having positive thoughts about myself and others.

Peace begins with each one of us.


Thankfulness is recognising good things that have happened to you
Thankfulness is acknowledging the people who made those good things happen.
In the Bible, thankfulness is recognising who God is and what he has done.


Humility is being happy with who I am.

Humility is not boasting.

Humility is not trying to impress people.

Humility is putting others first.

Humility is seeing another person's point of view.


Co-operation is helping one another.

Co-operation is working together with patience.

Co-operation is collective effort to reach a goal.


Tolerance is accepting myself and others.

Tolerance is knowing we are all different.

Tolerance is being understanding and open.



Forgiveness comes when we are truly sorry. (Repentance)

Forgiveness means we have a fresh start.

 Christians believe that God forgives us when we are truly sorry.

Christians believe that God wants us to forgive others.


Respect is knowing I am unique and valuable.

Respect is liking who I am.

Respect is listening to others.


Freedom is choice.

Freedom is living with dignity.

Freedom is when rights are balanced with responsibilities.


Responsibility is when you agree to something, do it.

Responsibility is answering for your own actions.

Responsibility is taking care of your own matters.

Responsibility is being trustworthy.

Responsibility is always using your head.


Love is caring and sharing.

Love is feeling safe.

Love is wanting the best for all.