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Curriculum Maps - Summer 2

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KS 1 Curriculum (Years 1 & 2)

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(not all activities may be covered).

Year 1

Autumn Term - Who am I?

Throughout this unit, children will have the opportunity to express their individuality, explore their identity, develop their talents and understand their place in both their immediate and the wider world. Key questions that will be explored include: Who Am I? Where did my name come from? What am I Like? What am I good at? What is special about me and where I live?

Autumn Term – The Big Build

In this unit pupils will explore how we use materials to change the world around us. Linked to the story of the three little pigs pupils will have the opportunity to construct ‘houses’ for the pigs from different materials.

Autumn Term – Let’s Celebrate!

This unit focuses on the traditions surrounding Christmas and other festivals taking place at this time of year. Pupils will make cards and decorations and look at how festivals were celebrated in the past.


Spring Term - Posting and Places

This unit will be developed around the idea of exchanging items through the post on a mystery tour which takes us to different places, discovering symbols such as flags which represent countries and places. The children also discover ways of voting through posting votes to make classroom decisions as an introduction to democracy.

Spring Term - To the Rescue

This unit develops understanding of safety, helping people and exploring the emergency services of sea, land and air, in the local area or beyond. From the past, Grace Darling and Florence Nightingale may be used to inspire learners to understand how they help others and stay safe.

Spring Term - The potting shed … Buried Treasure

This unit will incorporate the concepts of growing by getting the pupils to become plant hunters who go on an exciting journey discovering both real and fantasy plants. 


Summer Term– Brilliant bodies

In this unit the pupils will find out about the 5 senses and which part of the body each one of these senses is associated with. They will use these senses to explore their school grounds and create a sensory area for themselves and other pupils to enjoy.

Summer Term – Animal Allsorts

In this Unit pupils will find out about the many different types of animal that exist in our world and what makes them so special. They will find out how to categorise these animals and to think about where each type of animal might be found.

Summer Term – Where shall we go?

This unit will look at the changing seasons and the different weather associated with each one. Pupils will think about journeys they might be making or have made in the past. They will look at maps and globes to see where they have been or where they are going.


Year 2

Autumn Term – What do I need to be me?

How can I keep fit and healthy and make the right choices for me? Pupils will find out about exercise and food that will help them to grow and keep well.

Autumn Term – Blown Away

Through this unit, pupils will gain an understanding of the natural world, comparing hot and cold regions of the world as well as viewing their own environment through the study of wind and clouds.

Autumn Term – Flying High

In this unit pupils will explore man's fascination with flight. They will learn about the Wright brothers and the invention of powered flight and how aeroplanes have changed people’s lives. They will also think about magical flying creatures including Father Christmas and his flying reindeer.


Spring Term – Through the keyhole

This is a local history unit based around a stately home or other historical building. Pupils will be encouraged to look at what the building is made of and think about ‘who would live in a house like this?’

Spring Term – Town mouse country mouse

In this unit the pupils use the story of the town mouse and country mouse to explore a contrasting UK locality.

Spring Term – Sowing and growing

This unit explores commercial farming and growing our own food and plant products, the conditions necessary to do so and the ways plants can be used.


Summer Term – National Celebration – Two Queens

In this unit children will study and compare the reigns of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth the second. They will look closely at the Diamond jubilee celebration and recreate a traditional street party.

Summer Term -Trading Places: Britain or Brazil?

In this unit pupils will find out about the geography of a different country and start to explore the countries culture through an imaginary ‘Life Swap’

Summer Term – Home and away

As the academic Year comes to a close, this transition unit looks at travel and explores popular holiday destinations at home and abroad. It also prepares the pupils for their journey to KS2.