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Years 1 to 4 - Summer Term First Half - Ideas & Suggestions


Summer Term First Half (20.4.20  - 22.5.20)

Structuring your child’s day

In our resources list:

you will find a document with a suggestion for the structure of the school day at home.

The idea is not to replicate a normal school day as working one to one, or even with a small group as we currently are in school, the normal structure is not appropriate. Replacing it with quiet and intense academic study from 9.00 – 3.30 is not appropriate either, as at school between 9.00 and 3.30 this sort of work is mixed up with discussion, practical, creative and physical activities and socialising.

Have a look at the suggested structure and alter it to suit your child and your family.

The idea of having a structure is a good one. Children thrive and feel safe in routines. (So do adults actually!)

But when you have this sorted, remember to alter it at the weekends! Five days per week is plenty.

We would love to see anything the children make or do. You could collate things into a scrap book or folder or take photographs. When we re-open the children are welcome to bring these in to show us.

Values Education

This half term we would have been focusing on RESPECT.

This is how we normally explain it to the children:

Respect is knowing I am unique and valuable. Respect is liking who I am. Respect is listening to others.

There is some interesting vocabulary to explore in those sentences.

We also talk about it this way:

Respect for yourself – We talk about the fact that Christians believe we are God’s creation and he loves us and cares for each one of us. So we must respect ourselves, believe in ourselves, like who we are.

Respect for others – We learn about Jesus washing the disciples feet. He was showing that we must show respect to everyone around us and treat them as we would like to be treated.

Respect for authority – The people in charge of us, the rules they make, to keep us safe and healthy, to help us all to get along.

We also tell the children that Respect is one of the British Values.

British Values are: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without a faith.

As well as having a focus on one value for a half term we always remind the children about all 12 values. They are; Honesty, Peace, Humility, Tolerance, Respect, Responsibility, Joy, Thankfulness, Co-operation, Forgiveness, Freedom and Love.


This is the most important part of the curriculum, when the school is open and when it is not. Sharing books, including e-books, with your children is vital. Read to them and let them read to you. Talk about the books and ask them questions. Ask them about particular vocabulary and what words mean. Ask them about what they think characters are thinking and what they think may happen next. Make time for this in the structure you plan for the day so that it is a daily activity.

Times tables

Please make a short part of each day all about times tables.

(In each year band children can go further if they are able – no limits!)

Year One

Children should practise counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s.

Year Two

Then they can practise reciting the 2, 5, and 10 times tables.

Year Three

Year Three should recap X2, X5 and X10 and work on X3 and X4.

Year Four

Year Four should recap X2, X5, X10, X3 and X4 and work on X6, X7, X8, X9, X11 and X12.

Once all are learned – test them by jumping around the tables.




(This list includes some things the children in school are doing.)

Other Suggested Tasks for Week beginning 20th April

Years One & Two


Keep a diary of the weather for the week.

Collect and measure rain fall.

Write a poem about the weather.

Make a self-portrait.


Year 1 Practise number pairs to 20

Year 2 Practise number pairs to 100

Years Three & Four

Go through half termly value - respect

Watch Newsround

Consider what is going on in the world right now.

Write a time capsule and bury it, or write an information poster about what is happening.

Write a poem about hope for the future.


Money problems – year 3 and 4 - number 6 of third space learning pack for parents.

(see files at bottom of the page)

Set up a shop – how much for… How much change from….?

Other Suggested Tasks for Week beginning 27th April

Years One & Two


Investigate dinosaur facts.

Design your own dinosaur.

Make an information leaflet about your dinosaur.

Zoo webcam – choose your favourite animal and make a poster.


Year 1. Addition to 20 eg 16 + 4 =

Year 2. Addition to 100 eg 52 + 48 =

Years Three & Four


Write a poem about the spring – any form of poetry.

Draw/ colour / paint your poem.

See how many mini beasts you can find in your garden (or when you are taking your 1 walk).

Draw them / take a photo – can you identify them?


Classify them and draw a bar chart.

Over a day – collect data on length of time spent on doing different activities – present in a bar chart.

Write some statements about your findings.

Other Suggested Tasks for Week beginning 4th May

Years One & Two

Write a postcard to the local old folks home.

Write a prayer for the world.

Collect and/or draw different types of leaves.

Use handprints/cut out hands to make a flower bouquet.


Measure – length. Measure the length of objects in cm.

Year 1. Use mathematical language to compare eg longer, shorter

Year 2. Use <, > = to compare

Years Three & Four

VE week

Watch Newsround

Research VE day

Write a diary entry as if you were there on VE day 75 years ago.

Make some VE bunting

Have your own party to celebrate


Get Arty - number 7 of third space learning pack.

Draw some symmetrical art to represent VE Day.

Other Suggested Tasks for Week beginning 11th May

Years One & Two

Instructions writing how to make a cake

Write a letter to your teacher or friend

Create a poster about your favourite book with labels and interesting vocabulary.


Fractions: See Twinkl

Year 1: Find half of an amount (eg pasta pieces).

              Colour half of a shape.

Year 2: Find ¾ of an amount

             Colour ¾ of a shape.

Daily Weather diary using symbols

Shadow puppets

Make a weather station that can measure rainfall, wind direction and temperature.


Years Three & Four

Investigate the big 5 African animals.

Make fact cards (Top Trump Style) based on them.

Design a safari park.

Write a newspaper report as if one of the animals has escaped from the safari park.

Draw / paint / colour a traditional African pattern


Area and perimeter – Go around the house and measure simple shapes e.g. a coffee table – find the area and perimeter.

Create a zoo – measure the area and perimeter of different enclosures. What unit of measure will you use?



Other Suggested Tasks for Week beginning 18th May

Years One & Two

Make a joke book

Draw a treasure map and write a story about what happens on your island.

Order the common exception words from A-Z

Design a T Shirt.

Design your own planet.

Make a daffodil.

Design your ideal dessert.


Look at the symmetry of 2D shapes.

Years Three & Four

Carry out a science investigation – you only need water, liquid soap and pepper. (Twinkl – parents hub).

Complete the sheets.

Design a poster on the stages of handwashing with an explanation under each step.

Write an adventure story.


Time – Mathletics

Coordinates – lots of free resources on Twinkl



For those of you who want to know more about reading, writing and maths expectations you can also look at:

We hope all this is useful to you.

If we are still closed after May half term we will send you a similar document for the second half of the term.

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