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Reception - Summer Term Second Half - Ideas & Suggestions

Reception – Ideas and suggestions for the next half term. Summer Term Second Half (1.6.20 – 17.7.20)

Structuring your child’s day

In our resources list:

you will find a document with a suggestion for the structure of the school day at home.

The idea is not to replicate a normal school day as working one to one, or even with a small group as we currently are in school, the normal structure is not appropriate. Replacing it with quiet and intense academic study from 9.00 – 3.30 is not appropriate either, as at school between 9.00 and 3.30 this sort of work is mixed up with discussion, practical, creative and physical activities and socialising.

Have a look at the suggested structure and alter it to suit your child and your family.

The idea of having a structure is a good one. Children thrive and feel safe in routines. (So do adults actually!)

But when you have this sorted, remember to alter it at the weekends! Five days per week is plenty.

We would love to see anything the children make or do. Please photograph things and upload them on Kidblog. You could also collate things into a scrap book or folder. When we re-open the children are welcome to bring these in to show us.

Values Education

This half term we would have been focusing on RESPONSIBILITY.

This is how we normally explain it to the children:

Responsibility is when you agree to something, do it. Responsibility is answering for your own actions. Responsibility is taking care of your own matters. Responsibility is being trustworthy. Responsibility is always using your head.  This is a great one to talk about at home, helping the children to think for themselves, e.g. remembering things themselves, tidying up after themselves, helping with chores that help the running of the house and getting some activities completed each day and sharing it with their teacher on Kidblog.

As well as having a focus on one value for a half term we always remind the children about all 12 values. They are; Honesty, Peace, Humility, Tolerance, Respect, Responsibility, Joy, Thankfulness, Co-operation, Forgiveness, Freedom and Love.


This is the most important part of the curriculum, when the school is open and when it is not. Sharing books, including e-books, with your children is vital. Read to them and let them read to you. Talk about the books and ask them questions. Ask them about particular vocabulary and what words mean. Ask them about what they think characters are thinking and what they think may happen next. Make time for this in the structure you plan for the day so that it is a daily activity.


See link below for the letter sound (letters and sounds phase 2/3)which we have taught the children to say and write. The children should use this mat to help with their writing. Please remember the children will write phonetically e.g. ‘baby’ would be written ‘baibee’ as these are the sounds they have learnt.

Useful games:


Our curriculum objectives (‘Development Matters’): Children count reliably with numbers from one to 20, place them in order and say which number is one more or one less than a given number. Using quantities and objects, they add and subtract two single-digit numbers and count on or back to find the answer. They solve problems, including doubling, halving and sharing.

Children use everyday language to talk about size, weight, capacity, position, distance, time and money to compare quantities and objects and to solve problems. They recognise, create and describe patterns. They explore characteristics of everyday objects and shapes and use mathematical language to describe them.


(This list includes some things the children in school are doing.)

Other Suggested Tasks for Week beginning 1st June

Big beasts little beasts:

Go on a mini beast hunt (checklist sheets-

Research what habitats mini beast live in.

Make a mini beast habitat. 

How many legs do mini beasts have? Research.


The very hungry caterpillar

The very hungry caterpillar activities: learn the days of the week.

Make a symmetrical butterfly

Make a caterpillar mask

Make a meal fit for the very hungry caterpillar.

Can you draw and label the life cycle of a butterfly.

Come outside butterflies:


The busy spider

The very busy spider activities: What might you say to the spider to distract her from making her web? You can draw a picture or write your idea.

Thread a spider’s web.

How long would it take a spider to spin a web? What can you do in 1min? 5mins? 10mins? Take photographs of the activities you can do in the times or challenge yourself to see how many times e.g. you can jump in a minute?


Other Suggested Tasks for Week beginning 8th June

Big beasts little beasts

The bad tempered ladybird-

Can you make ladybirds and on each wings make number bonds to 10? Can you double the spots? Can you add the spots from one side to the other side?

What makes you bad tempered? What do you do to make yourself calm again?

Can you tell the time to the o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to?

What the ladybird heard-

What the ladybird heard next-


Ugly bug ball-

Make a poster for the ugly bug ball. Think about the time, place and what the date will be.

Make, draw or paint an ugly bug.

Make a fact book, poster or leaflet about mini beasts. 

Mad about minibeasts-

Can you move like a minibeast

Write a poem about a minibeast.


Other Suggested Tasks for Week beginning 15th June

 Splish, splash, splosh- ponds, rivers

Counting on and back from a given number. Can you jump like a frog on the lily pads counting from… counting back from…

Watch Greenpeace- (why wouldn’t the whale live in a pond?)

Research the work Green Peace do and make a poster.

Write a letter to Green Peace.

Research what creatures live in or on a ponds. What are the animals babies called? Do they look like the grown up?

Draw and label the life cycle of a frog.

Sing songs such as- 5 little speckle frogs, mmm ahh went the little green frog one day-, 5 little ducks.

The ugly duckling-

How rivers are made- can you draw or paint a picture to show where rivers are made and where they end up?

Research what lives in a river. –Mosses. How does this story show responsibility?

Look at the artist Monet and recreate one of his works of art.


Other Suggested Tasks for Week beginning 22nd June

Splish, splash, splosh- oceans and seas


Research what creatures live in the sea. Draw or write what you have found out.

Read snail on the whale-

Where would you want to go if you could get a ride from a whale?

Tin foil fish

Shell drawing/printing

Hand painting sea creatures

Read Mr Sea Horse-

Recreate a picture of Mr Sea Horse

Create an underwater scene.

Read the rainbow fish-

Make something for a friend in Sunflower class. This could be a picture, friendship bracelet or a card.

What do you like sharing with your friends draw and label your picture.

Draw your favourite part of the story and say why.


Other Suggested Tasks for Week beginning 29th June

 Splish, splash, splosh- Ocean and seas

Adding and subtracting

What would you pack if you went on an adventure to the bottom of the sea?

Watch finding Nemo or Dory.

The fish that could wish-

What would you wish for if you were the fish that could wish?

The commotion in the ocean-

Can you think of ways you could move like the animals in the sea? copy the dance under the sea. copy the dance to cake by the ocean.

Dance to baby shark- make up for own version of the song it could be baby crag or baby fish. What moves would you put to the dance?

Write a message in a bottle to a friend.

Design a sandcastle.


Other Suggested Tasks for Week beginning 6th July

Doubling, halving, sharing

Splish, splash, splosh- Pirates and mermaids

Read- the pirate cruncher

The singing mermaid-

The pirate next door-

Make a pirate hat, eye patch, a hook, a flag or make a mermaid tail, necklace, purse.

Draw a pirate what who he or she be called.

Make a parrot.

If you found treasure what treasure would you find?

Make a map, remember x marks the spot.

Make a wanted poster to capture the pirates.

Design an underwater world for a mermaid.

Design a pirate ship.

Watch Peter Pan.


Other Suggested Tasks for Week beginning 13th July

Splish, splash, splosh-circus

Research circus, what can you find out?

Learn a circus act e.g. clown, acrobatics, strong man?

Make up a circus game. e.g. juggling, walk the tightrope…

Make a ticket to go to the circus, remember to put the date, time and where it is.

Make Punch and Judy puppets and act out a story.

Try eating fish and chips.

Design the best ice-cream

Paint a clown face.

Make a mask of an animal that would be at the circus when they first began.

Farewell- what has been your best memory of reception? What will you miss about reception?

Draw a picture of you and your family to give to your year 1 teacher.

What are you most excited about going into year 1?

Following the children’s interests

A key part of the work in Reception is about following children’s interests. So if your child becomes interested in something go with it. See how you can expand their knowledge and experience around what interests them and use it to create English and Maths learning too. For example – if trains is their latest passion – find some train pictures and ask about the colours, the quantities, what if there was one more – how many would that make? Where is the train going? Make up stories. Act them out. Make a picture. What sounds can you hear in the word train? Can you find a train song? etc. etc. etc.

For other creative and physical activities please look at the list of resources on

Please also check this website page regularly as it is continually being updated.


We hope this is useful to you.

Mrs. Rolfe and Mrs. Rowe.